Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Brian and Sandy Robinson - LEANWell

1:1 Custom Coaching

Health and Nutrition, Hashimoto's,

and Transformation Coaching 

Health Coaching bridges the gap between Medical Providers and patients as well as Sports Coaches and Athletes.


We will work with you to identify what habits you want to change, equip you with options, encourage you to choose a path and motivate you to stick with it! 

Choose from a variety of options to work with your  coach such as online, in person, small groups, or through digital courses.

Your goals become our goals. We are here to support you each step of the way!


LEANWell Essentials


Digital Course

SIMPLE SIX AIP is a six week hands-on program that will help you find freedom from your Autoimmune Symptoms through the Autoimmune Protocol​. With this program you'll get three in-depth guides on each phase of the process that detail everything you need to know about elimination of inflammation-causing foods, maintenance of the diet, and the reintroduction process.


You'll also get six weeks of delicious, nourishing recipes written by a chef, so easy & yummy you’ll feel like you’re eating out every night. As well as six weeks of shopping lists that will make your grocery runs SUPER easy. ​

To keep it simple, you'll get an "Eat & Don’t Eat" Foods List that you can use to shop, eat, and snack and you​'ll get a Symptom Journal that will shine light on exactly which foods you want to be eating every day based on YOUR body.

Finally, you also get ​6 weeks of support from Coach Sandy with weekly group calls for questions and additional support.

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