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Find the Beauty All Around You, and then Create More!

Create an attitude that seeks and creates all kinds of beauty!

red hot poker stick plant, beauty
Red Hot Poker Stick Plant

 Have you ever been rolling through your day, nothing out of the norm, when suddenly you are surprised with something beautiful? It brings such surprising joy and leaves an impression on your heart and soul that you weren’t prepared for.

For me, that happened recently when I was returning from walking my daughter to school one early spring morning. I was in my normal routine, reviewing the day ahead of me in my mind as I hurried home to prepare for my work day.

It was amazing!

As I walked up to our home, I was suddenly hit with the sight of various shades of green, purple, pink, yellow, and orange all glistening in the early morning sunlight as the dew slowly warmed and disappeared. It was amazing. 

Purple Iris bulb plant
Purple Iris Bulb Plant

Someone did the work before me.

You see, it immediately came to my mind, that all of these beautiful colors were blooming as the result of our home’s previous owners planting and caring for these gardens long before we lived here. The home owners ahead of us simply planted what they thought was beautiful, and rewarding to them. They likely had no idea how it would be such a gift to our family years down the road.  They didn’t do it for us, yet, we get to reap all the benefits now.  I subsequently thought how this lovely surprise could, as a result, motivate me towards a positive attitude to also do more now, that may benefit others later. You see, for now, all I have to do is maintain the hard work those ahead of me already put in. I don’t have to do anything more and I can reap all the rewards of their hard work ahead of me.

What if I did do more?

But, what if I did do more? What if through enjoying this gift, I could be motivated to think more about laying the foundations of beautiful things for those who come after me? I may never fully see the long term ripple effect of my efforts, but how satisfying is it to know that we could potentially have an impact of “surprising joy” on others, and leaving an “impression on their heart and soul that they weren’t prepared for?”

Create more beauty.

Beginning today, and moving forward, I choose to pursue an attitude of creating more beauty. We all, are often burdened with many negative things around us that can consume our mind and soul, limiting our ability to experience true beauty. We now have to purposefully, and intentionally choose to see the beauty around us. I urge you also, to find ways to do something now that will bless others with overwhelming beauty for years to follow. 

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