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Collagen’s Getting Under My Skin

When I first heard about collagen peptides, I was very skeptical. I figured it was another consumer trick for supplement companies to make money off our obsession with wanting to look younger. As a matter of fact, Sandy stumbled upon it and told me about this one collagen peptides supplement that had all these rave reviews on Amazon. I did a quick look and said something to the effect that amino acids alone do the same thing. Then once I realized that the particular collagen peptides supplement had amino acids in it, I became even more skeptical. She bought it anyways and I figured as long as she’s getting the amino acids, what’s the harm. Then she started adding it to my coffee (I was drinking coffee and the time) and something else happened.

What are Collagen Peptides? (In three sentences)

Collagen Peptides, for the sake of this blog, is a supplement made from hydrolyzed bovine (cow) collagen peptides, an incomplete protein, and have all the essential amino acids included (at least the one’s I’ve tried). You add a scoop or more, depending on the supplement directions, to your favorite beverage and drink. The purported benefits include fighting skin aging, support for skin elasticity, and support for healthy joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

How Collagen Peptides Work…also in three sentences…

Once you ingest the collagen peptides, the stomach’s enzymes break it down to smaller peptides and amino acids. This breakdown is then absorbed by the small intestines and delivered into the bloodstream. Once into the bloodstream, your blood vessels distribute these amino acids to the collagen-based tissues throughout the body.

What My Research found…in another three sentences…

I’ve been trying to work in an “Of mice and men” joke because the study I read from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health used mice to conduct the research. The researchers claim that they adjusted the dosage to match the equivalent of humans and found “ oral administration of collagen peptides from bovine bone could improve the laxity of chronologically aged skin by increasing skin collagen content and ratio of type I to type III collagen, but it had no effect on moisture retention of skin.” They also found that collagen peptides may increase antioxidant properties in the body.

My Experience….in three more sentences…

I didn’t want to admit it, but I started noticing my skin looking better and my joints not aching as much. I figured it was some other change in my life but as I mentioned it to Sandy, that's when she came clean about adding collagen to my coffee daily. I started researching it more and was surprised by the reputable research backing its effects.

Brian "B-Rob" Robinson is a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Certified Life Strategies Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Youtuber, and co-founder of LEANWellonline. His YouTube channel is called thisisb-rob.

Disclaimer: I do not get paid from any supplement company to provide this content. This is not a recommendation for you to use supplements or a particular product. This is me sharing my personal experiences and is for information only. My recommendation is for you to strive to eat as natural as possible. If you decide to use supplements, please consult with your doctor as necessary and follow the directions on the label.

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