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5 Tips To Consider When Starting a Workout Routine

These five tips that I am sharing with you here are some points of wisdom that I have collected over the many years of training (myself and others). Some are fruits of personal experience while others are logical steps that I’ve thought about and put into action. Nevertheless, I am practicing all of these tips and truly believe these tips will help you save some time and effort as you set forth on your quest in search of a healthier and more capable you! Now, onto the tips….

Tip #1. Go see the Dr.

I have encountered a vast number of people who don’t get annual physicals. In my experience, most people are reactive in their health maintenance and go about their daily life with many undiagnosed health issues. Many of these same people seek a personal trainer or health coach because they want to look better but that personal trainer and/or health coach is already at a disadvantage if they don’t know the internal suitability of the house they are tasked to reconstruct.

Your action: Make sure your doctor understands the need for you to have all your levels checked; if not, get a new one or go see a hormone specialist. Not getting your levels checked before is like having an older car that hasn’t had a mechanic look at it for a while and expecting it to make a super long trip.

Some levels that will need to be checked may include:

· Blood pressure

· Blood glucose levels

· Cholesterol

· Testosterone levels/estrogen levels

· PSA (Prostate) levels

· Kidney function

· Thyroid

· Etc.

Get x-rays. It never hurts to have a baseline to use as a point of reference for health maintenance. I recommend this as I have this done ever five years but you may want to discuss this with your health care provider. Depending on the outcome of your doctors visit, those results will help you determine tip #2.

Tip #2. Set Your Goals.

When you finally decide where you want to go, you have a better chance at developing a plan to get there. Some examples of goals are:

· Gain more lean muscle while losing body fat

· Getting stronger to play team sports

· Wanting to add more cardio to your daily routine

· Wanting to look like B-Rob or the Rock (come on, humor me)!

· Just wanting to look good naked.

Your action. Start thinking of some goals and where you want to be in terms of physical health, appearance, and other areas of your life. Don’t forget that exercising multiple times a week creates healthy patterns in other areas of your life as well.

Tip #3. Build an accountability team.

This can be one person but the odds of that person not being motivated at the same time that you are not goes down when you have more than one on your team. Make sure that you discuss your goal or goals, plan to accomplish those goals, and how the accountability team can help you. Give them ownership of the process!

Your action. Start thinking about the people in all aspects of your life who already fit the role of your accountability team. Build your list and include a couple of extra names in case one of your potential teammates turn down the role. You may need to hire a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, or Nutritionist! Maybe all four. Don’t worry, LEANWell can help you with this task.

Tip #4. Build a workout schedule and stay consistent.

Once you have your doctor’s visit completed, results from your physical, and goals articulated and bought into by your accountability team, its time to build a workout schedule. Your schedule will need to be exciting, obtainable, and have short term mini goals that are achievable. A good coach or trainer can help you build in small victories to get keep you excited about your journey.

Your action: Start assessing your need for an outside professional versus doing this tip on your own. You may find that the benefit of a trained coach or trainer and the education they bring to the table is worth the monetary investment. On the other hand, you may be a self-starter that can do this on your own.

Tip #5. Take pictures of where you are today.

This tip can be a little unnerving because you have to come to terms and see, in a picture, the very thing that you want to change. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? That saying came about before high-resolution pictures so todays pictures are worth more than that! Don’t fret! Coming to terms with what you want/need to change is a good thing. First, you will have a before picture and something to reference to show the progress in 2, 4, 6, and more weeks. Second, coming to terms with the “ugly truth” can be a motivator. Your accountability team may have to be your cheerleader(s) in this phase but, remember, you will be taking another picture in a few weeks so shoot to have that next picture look better.

Your action: Plan to take pictures at intervals…like…every two weeks, three weeks, or once a month.

These five tips are very helpful to me in my personal life and I can see the wheels turning in potential clients after I go over these tips with them. I believe it is a good place for you and your coach and/or trainer to start.

Your action. Please leave me a comment below and continue to visit LEANWellOnline

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