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5 Tips for Better Emotional Health: Part 1

As we strive to take on “all the things” that we think will lead us to having that wonderful life everyone talks about, we must also remember that it’s all a farce if we are not taking care of our emotional foundation. If you are like me, then you’ve heard all the stories about people diving headfirst into careers, projects, and other things that, in turn, distracts from dealing with cracks or gaps in our emotional platform. I’ve learned that it is important that you pay close attention to your emotional health or it will cause you more setbacks and issues.

I’ve pledged some time to create a 3-part series dedicated to those times you find yourself drowning in emotional turmoil. Here are the first 5 tips to help you rise and get back on your feet again.

1. Take Some Time for Sunshine

There is power in taking a short walk outdoors when the sun is shining. This helps negate those depressing thoughts that can beat you down when you keep yourself confined to your dark, sunless room or office. Oh yeah, and your brain needs the vitamin D that the sun provides in order to function properly.

2. Make Play Time a Priority

Make sure you always save time in your schedule for fun. I believe that without time off from work, you can become unfocused, dull, boring, tired, and uninspired. No one wants to be “that” person, right?

3. Let Your Senses Loose

Did you know that your senses provide you with a connection to the rest of the world? Your senses are especially helpful in relieving stress and helping you deal with emotional distress. Some ways to let your senses loose includes savoring the taste of good food, enjoying the wonderful sights around you, and listening to your favorite music. Here’s an idea, do them all at the same time, like while you’re making playtime a priority or taking some time for sunshine.

4. Take Care of Pet a Pet When Possible

Taking care of a pet can be a stressful chore but when it’s not, pets help to bring out the caring side of you. Also pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, ease loneliness, and encourage exercise and playfulness. Plus, when you find that you are capable of caring, you will see that life is much more beautiful and accommodating. Just so you know, you don’t have to buy your own pet. Ask a family member, friend, or your neighbor if you can walk their dog.

5. Learn New Things

Believe it or not, when you learn something new you are giving yourself opportunity to feel better. Learning helps keep your mind engaged through experiencing new challenges, your body active, and your neural pathways active. It also gives you something that you can feel proud of. For every accomplishment that you achieve, you are slowly building yourself up, which in turn makes you feel more satisfied about being you.

Good emotional health doesn’t mean that you won’t have times that you feel negative emotions or that you won’t have to deal with conflict. It is all about having overall contentment and positive self-awareness. In the next parts of this series, I will continue to give tips that you can easily implement in your life to create emotional resiliency.

Brian "B-Rob" Robinson is a Certified Life Strategies Coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Youtuber, and co-founder of LEANWellonline. His website is and his YouTube channel is thisisb-rob.

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