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3 Great Relationship Ideas You Should Do at Home…Today

When I thought about writing this blog, I became very excited for three reasons. The first is that I am going to win some big-time brownie points with my wife. The second is I am going to win over some female readers because I’m a man discussing some ways to do what can be considered as somewhat romantic ideas. The third is I think this blog will help most men score…. I mean… score some brownie points like I hope to do… what were you thinking?

But don’t let the romantic stuff run you off just yet….

Although the first though for using these ideas is a romantic relationship, these ideas can be used for other relationships too. The 5 Love Languages site has a quiz for other relationships, such as children, also. You can replace date night with friend time, daddy daughter time, mommy daughter time, father son time, and so on.

1. You Should Both Take a Personality and Love Languages Test

When faced with a lot of time together, what better way to connect or reconnect then to see how you and your loved one are built. I recommend taking a personality test first then the love languages test. Be super open to discussing and embracing the way you and your loved one are built. Believe it or not, some people are hard on themselves for the way they are built. I do strongly recommend taking the personality test first, discussing the results, and then the love languages test. Here’s a link to a free personality test and one to the 5 Love Languages quiz.

2. Look Old Photos, Home Videos, or Stroll Down Memory Lane

Going through some of your old photos, videos, or giving each other a moment to share their favorite story about your relationship can be invigorating. Make sure all the photos, videos, and memories are positive for both of you as the point of this exercise is to relive the good memories and not spend this time unpacking or reliving baggage.

3. Plan a Date Night at Home Using Details From #1 and #2 Above

Now that you were a great listener when the personality test, love languages, and best memories were discussed, its time to put your creativity into action and plan a date night at home. Make sure you were a good student so that you can incorporate those things into the plan. Those details will basically write the plan for you. If your loved one likes physical touch, then maybe a massage or cuddling is in order followed by a movie. If they like receiving gifts maybe showing them a gift you just ordered them online during your date time is a good idea. If is important to incorporate the kids or other people in your house into the plan so they know how to help you pull it off…even if that means staying away for a few hours.

Your Action

If you have done these things or have some other creative ideas and have had success, please leave a comment below so others will be motivated to try these.

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