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Integrative Health

Success Coaching

Optimizing Your Mind and Body, Improving Your Life From The Inside Out.

LEANWell Founders

I Help Inspire Ambitious Women and Elite Female Athletes to Realize Their Highest Potential and Achieve Remarkable Success. Grounded in Christian Faith and an Integrative Approach, I deliver comprehensive coaching in life management, physical well-being, mental resilience, and nutritional health, steering you from where you are today to where you are called to be.

Certified Integrative Health Practitioner
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Psychology Coach
Certified Transformation Life Coach
Certified Business Coach

Host of The Hashimoto's Connection Podcast

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Coach Sandy Robinson

"I help men, who aspire for something greater, see a clearer future and take focused action so that they can achieve anything they want in life and unlike others, I do it through an unique development of unrelenting purpose and indestructible confidence."

Certified Life Strategies Coach
Masters of Business Administration
Certified Sports Nutrition Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Host of Elevate To Great podcast

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What We Do

LEANWell incorporates the holistic approach of
Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (LEAN).
We provide a wide range of coaching and personal training services to help individuals and families achieve their personal, fitness, mindset and wellness goals. 

The L.E.A.N. Approach


How we live. 

Lifestyle is about our daily rhythms and how we manage our time, This includes areas such as our jobs, relationships, the way we stress, what we do for fun, how much sleep we get, and also includes our spiritual life.




How we move. 

Simply put, the best exercise for the one you will do!! Our Health Coaches and TWITCH Fitness Personal Trainers can help you decide where to start and how to stick with it!


 How we think. 

Smile, laugh and look at life in a positive light. Think about things that are positive and retrain the way your brain sees life.

Alongside our Coaches and Personal Trainers, you can learn effective ways on how to be productive, stress free, to improve your fitness, and have fun again!


How we eat.

Our Health Coaches and Personal Trainers focus on fun, simple, affordable strategies that helps everyone in the family have more energy, improved learning, improved fitness, better behavior and focus, lower medical expenses, and more!

Something for Everyone

From stories about clients who have turned their life around to insights on our effective coaching methods, we are proud to showcase all of our news and tips.

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